The importance of building alliances on Social Media

Content is the king. But content is not enough but itself to achieve our goals.

Content need to be spread as much as posible. Content must be interesting enough to be shared by the audience. Content needs to keep alive in time…

Trying to do everything by us is a huge effort, specially if we do not have more resources than our time.

But there is always a way to make things easier and followingthe straight way, not cheating or using shortcuts…

One way to achieve it is creating alliances.

Stablishing the target.

The first step to create an alliance is stablish the target.

For that, we need to made a sincere internal research. After that we need to evaluate what we want to get from the alliance, and at the same time, what we can offer to our future allies.

Searching the candidates.

Once we have stablished the target and what we can offer in exchange, is time to search the candidates. This stage must be exhaustive. We must research their reputation, historial, if the really have what we need… and if they need or could be interested in what we can offer them.

Knowing the price of the alliance

We also have to know wich is the price of the alliance. We need to be flexible and know how the alliance is going to affect us. We have to have into account all the variables. And not all of them have the same value for us and for the other part. In the best scenario a variable will be very important for the other part but we could do it without effort.

Once we have chosen the candidates, it is time to order them from most to less interest and start to contacting them.

Whan can I get creating alliances in Social Media?

Perhaps the most inmediate and perceptible is the growth of the community. So the content will be more spread.

Get more business opportunities will be another consecuence. Not only as a result of increase the followers but also for the added value the allies have received from the alliance.

We will also receive more information wich help us to make a decission, create new businesses or any other actions…

Another interesting point is how alliances can help us to improve o introduce new way to do things in our businesses. We can learn how to optimize time, costs, delivery… key factors to be succesful.

In your experience… have alliances been useful for you?

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