How Facebook influences our mental health

How Facebook influences our mental health

Social networks are tools that allow us to keep in touch with our friends, relatives…  share pictures, videos… increase our networking… but they have turned into a factor which influences our offline life.

In the same way we post what happens to us on real life or our toughts, the content posted in social networks  affects our real life.

This fact can affect our mental health, because one of our own actions or by an action taken by a third. Depending on each person, consequences could be really cruel.

This consequences are being studied by specialists in universities all over the world.

Most of these studies focused on Facebook. The most important social network by users and time spent on it.


Facebook can be the main aspect in some people´s life. These persons live only for Facebook. They post absolutely everything they do, where they are, with who…

Cecilie Schou Andreassen, Doctor of Psychology at Bengen University in Norway, has developed the first test to measure Facebook´s adiction. Based on six criteria.

Food disorders

Facebook is used for men and women to compare themselves with their friends through the pictures they share. This pictures, gets more likes or shares if they fit in the beauty ideal of the moment. This cause that some people wanted to change their bodies. Loosing weithg, haircuts, tattoos… they spend more time thinking about the parts or their bodies which annoy them than in those they like.

This was a research by The Center for Eating Disorders.

Self Esteem

In this case Facebook can be positive or negative.

In the positive way, according to Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, Facebook can increases enormously self Esteem.

On the other hand, other researchs keep that Facebook can increase a lack of self Esteem in users with los self Esteem. This was revealed in a research by Waterloo University in Canada.

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