6 advantages of using short urls

Sometimes we want to share an url that is too long.

Luckily, there are tools as the url shorteners to solve this situation.

Url shorteners will let us to get shorter urls, as its own name says, but these url shorteners will give us more advantages than gettin more characters to write our messages.

Six of these advantages are:

1. Less characters for the url.

Using a short url we will get more characters for the content. We will have more characters for the content. More characters mean more creative posibilities and more creative content to engage the audience.

2. Track the clicks.

Most of the url shorteners allow to track the clicks. In most cases, we will get geographic information about the audience, the time the click was done… and other analytics. A good an useful too to measure the effectiveness of our content and its engagement.

3. Information about who clicks on the link

Some url shorteners offers not only analytics as we say in the second bullet, but information about the person who clicks as his/her gender, position, language… an interesting information to know our audience and create content focused on our targets.

4. Customization

Some url shorteners allow to customize a part of the url. This can be used to give a clue about the content we are sharing and to make easier to the audience.

5. Use our own url

It is possible to create shorts url using a customize domain. This can be quite useful to spread our brand, a project… for SEO. There are free and paid scripts that offer different features depending on our needs. We can even use it as a font of incomes.

6. Our own url shortener

We can create our own shortener using a free script, paying for it or developing it. The main advantage of this option is that we can adapt it completely to our needs.

7. Can you tell any other advantage I´ve missed?

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