Why public transport is annoying and at the same time an endless source of inspiration

Another morning commuting to work during peak time.

The platform is overcrowded. Getting here has cost me pushes and pokes.
I wish to be alone here now…

However if I would have taken the bus I would be frozen. Last time I stopped feeling my toes while I was waiting. But at least it was not raining. Not that day.

Finally the train arrives. More pushes. Elbows coming from all directions. Handbags and backpacks used as weapons to win positions to get a spot in the train…

Well I am finally in.

It is even hard to find a free space handle to secure my position. I´m not even thinking about getting a seat it is more difficult than winning the lottery.

After a few seconds we are moving. But wait. What is that? A lot of people at the same time in a small closed space… and some of them seem to think of the shower as an exotic holiday destination…

I arrive at my stop and I have to fight again to get out. Fight while climbing the stairs. Fight to get to the street. Then at last, fresh air. Well, all the fresh air you can have in a big city.

In those moments I remember when I used to ride my motorbike or drive my car to go to work.

Not depending on a schedule, not being pushed, not enjoying the scent of the commuting humanity… enjoying the morning sun, having that feeling that you can have only when you ride your motorbike

But I have realized that at the same time all these annoying things happening have a good side as well.

Looking with the right attitude, public transport can boost creativity.

The things which make the public transport annoying can be the same things that make public transport a place full of inspiration where sometimes you can find the most unexpected thing happening.

For example, have a look at the people.

What are they doing? Are they reading? If the answer is yes, what are they reading? Is it a print book? Or are they using an ebook?

Are they using their smartphones or tablets? Are they reading on them? Playing games? Watching a movie or series? Are they using an iPhone or Android?

If they are speaking, and I am not referring to stalking their conversations, which expressions catch your attention…? Are they talking about their travels, fashion, the last night they went out…

But not only travellers are a source of inspiration. But probably they are the most interesting.

Now, look around you. Have a look at the ceilings, corridors, stairs… the game of lights and shadows… geometric shapes…

Any thing there can trigger a good idea, a new project… or help to find the solution to the problem that has been in our head for the last few days…

So, tomorrow morning although public transport is going to annoy me… I am sure it is going to inspire me as well.

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