Tattoos and social media

Tattoos and social media have something in common, they are inside us, but in different ways.

Some thousands years ago, the human being started to mark its skin with tattoos. Sometimes for beauty, sometimes for religions and sometimes for healing… we can find lot of testimonies about this in mummys and historical documents.

In the last few years, people who have tattoos is increasing constantly, the same as the sophistication of their designs. That´s why lot of tattoos are shown with pride and honour, specially in social networks.

In some cases, social media and tattoos mixed. This is the case of a young woman who tattooed on hear arm her 152 Facebook´s closest friends.

Other users, feels so much love for a social network that they have tattooed their logos or pictures, as for example, the Twitter´s Whale Fail

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But, tattoo lovers also have their own specialized social networks. In these social networks they can share their tattoos, look for new designs, tattooist, festivals…

Some of this social Networks for tattoo lovers are







Tatoos on

Tattoos on

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