Make the logo bigger. Or how clients show their power using only four words.

make the logo bigger - on

When you work on Advertising or Design there is one sentence you will hear at least once a day. A sentence that can ruin the work and patience of an Art Director and his morale.

This sentence, with only four words, has been killing creative artwork for decades. It has been ruining beautiful designs and turning them into a mess…

These four words that make Art Directors and Designers shake are:

Make the logo bigger.

A simple search on Twitter using the hashtag #makethelogobigger supports these words. Hashtags don´t lie, do they?

The addon

But there are always good souls concerned about how to make a better world. Luckily. And some of them, such as the guys from New Republique have created an addon for Chrome that makes it possible for clients to make their logos bigger on their own. Without harming any Art Director or Designer´s feelings.

And this is an example of how this addon works.

Before clicking the button:

Make the logo bigger - off.
Make the logo bigger – off.

After clicking the button:

make the logo bigger - on
make the logo bigger – on

The song

This is such a big issue that there is even a song for it. And it is not a new one. Making the logo bigger is not a requirement that clients are asking nowadays. This fact has been happening in advertising since the beginning of time… or at least for a long time ago.

The agency´s reaction

Sooner or later the moment to face this situation comes. This is the point where the agency shows its strength, its faith in its job and shows the client the way it manages this situation…

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