London in 3 seconds #Londonin3seconds

This post is going to be slightly different from the rest of the posts on this blog.

On this post I am not talking about social media, online marketing or advertising.

I am going to focus a little bit more on creativity and content creation  introducing a personal project I have called London in 3 seconds #Londonin3seconds.

#Londonin3seconds London in 3 seconds

#Londonin3seconds London in 3 seconds

In this project I will show those little moments than happen in London through only 3 seconds lenght videos. From a traffic light to a boat in the Thames or a door closing… the only thing in common for all the videos is that all happened in London.

At the same time, I am using this project to understand better how to express myself and create content using the video format.

The Platforms

To develop this project I am using Youtube and Vimeo, the two main video platforms at the moment.

On Youtube you can find the channel called London in 3 seconds.

On Vimeo you cand find the videos on the channel London in 3 seconds

Taxi in Tower Bridge from Antoniogm on Vimeo.

The hashtag – #Londonin3seconds.

To share and find the videos on the socialnetworks, I am using the hashtag #Londonin3seconds when posting a new video or any update related with the project.

I hope you enjoy the videos.

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