Facing a creative block? Break it in 40 different ways to stay creative [Infographic]

Inspiration is a difficult mind state to keep in time.

But there are some acts that help to bring inspiration and take us into that creative state.

As creativity is fed by information, the more things we do the more creative we will be. At least in theory.

But theory is theory and sometimes our inspiration level is so low that even thinking about something inspiring is difficult.

For those moments when getting inspired is not so easy, I would like to share the following infographic I have found via layerform.com. An infographic which shows 40 different ways to stay creative.

Find out 40 different ways to stay creative as having a nap, having sex, meditate, be around creative people… little tips that will make a big difference in your creative state of mind.

Some of them can be mixed and done at the same time. So you can find more than 40 here. In other cases, we should be careful about some combinations. They can become weird… or too creative to be understood.

40 ways to stay creative

40 ways to stay creative

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