Ze Frank - Are you human? Ted Talks. tedtalk.com

Being human? It is all about the emotions.

I heard for first time about Ze Frank in 2006, during The C day (El día C) where he was one of the speakers.  In the following video, Ze Frank  brings us the test to check if we are humans. But what makes the difference between humans or bots? What makes humans be humans? I Read more about Being human? It is all about the emotions.[…]

Blue Daniel 404 error page

Error 404. 7 ways to turning an error into a hit.

How many times we are surfing the Internet and we can not search the site we have been searching for hours? Sometimes is not posible to find what are searching. And when it happens on the Internet you find the 404 error or “Not found”. At first sight this is an annoying experience. But at Read more about Error 404. 7 ways to turning an error into a hit.[…]

What influences a purchase decision?

Does social media influence in purchase decisions?

The answer is yes. This research from 2010 supports the answer. But there are other newer researches, as this wich shows how a 28% of respondents are influence by social media. You can find the complete research on this link. But social media is not the only factor with influences in purchasing. We are more Read more about Does social media influence in purchase decisions?[…]

Tattoos and social media

Tattoos and social media have something in common, they are inside us, but in different ways. Some thousands years ago, the human being started to mark its skin with tattoos. Sometimes for beauty, sometimes for religions and sometimes for healing… we can find lot of testimonies about this in mummys and historical documents. In the Read more about Tattoos and social media[…]

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