8 ways feed makes our life easier

One of the main reasons we suscribe to a website´s feed is for its content and to get its updates as soon as they are posted.

Through these updates we are receiving a constant information flux that we can manage using a rss reader. There´s lot of rss readers we can choose with different features depending on our needs.

But feed is also interesting because it gives us some advantages and also mades easier some of our diary tasks.

What do I get from a feed suscription?

1. Inspiration

We are getting tons of information to inspire us to create new contents.

2. Raw material to create our content

Data, pictures, videos, infographics… all kind of materials, files, information… are going to make possible explore new subjects or go further in existing subjects.

3. Monitorization

A single and comfortable way to watch, for example, how act our competitors. Or keep up to date in some subjects or specific issues.

4. Saving time.

Although we need time fo filter the information, we already have the information and we don´t need to search for it.

If we classify different feeds in different folders, keywords or any other system we will save a lot of precious time.

5. Automatize tasks

Other option rss readers give us is automatize updates on social media networks. Automatize these tasks has a big risk because it can make difficult to response inmediately to conversations.

What do I get of having my own feed?

6. More spread for your contents

If we create interesting content, our suscriptors will increase in time expecting our updates.

According to this, our contents will be more easily shared and ti will be easier to receive more backlinks.

7. Fidelize our audience

Some suscriptors will turn into regular visitors. This will vary depending if our content is interesting  for them or not.

8. Automatize updates on social networks

Using automatic services we can post our contents to our social networks profiles without effort. But we should be able to response quickly if friends or followers interact with them.

And you… what do you think your feed gives to you?

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