7 ways to use youtube

Everyday we watch more and more videos. We see so much videos that the half of the Internet traffic are generated by videos. From april 2011 to first days in 2012 Youtube, the most important video platform, increased its traffic over 25% reaching 4 billions visits.

Due to this fact we can´t leave Youtube out of the social media strategy. Over all, after knowing video traffic is growing on mobile devices. Actually, video is the fastest growing app on mobile devices.

According to this huge numbers we can use Youtube to increase traffic to our website, sales, engagement and take all the advantages offered by Youtube.

1. Entertainment

I have a free moment, I´m going to check what´s on Youtube… we all have thought or heard this. From videoclips, to shorts or cat videos… is possible to spent some lives watching Youtube videos and don´t be able to watch all of them.

2. Education

Perhaps the best way to learn how to do something is watching it. From videotutorials about how to use software, to change a tap, conferences or knitting… Youtube is an endless source to learn nearly everything, you only need curiosity and time.

3. Inspiration

Perhaps this happens more in some proffesional areas, specially between creatives, but is probably that you will need inspiration in any moment. On Youtube you can search for references, see what other people have done in the same situation, how an artist has evolved…

4. Videoblogging

If you are not afraid of cameras, Youtube is the perfect platform for you. Even there are some videobloggers who got a tv show thanks to their videoblog on Youtube.

5. Promotion

Viral videos, promotions, infomercials… brands use a lot of formats to get known or increase sales. You can get thousand of sights of your video in a short period of time if viewers find it interesting.

6. Back up

It is not the most common use for Youtube, but it´s a good platform to storage our personal videos. Holidays, birthdays, or artistic videos created by us…  but we must be careful with privacy and copyright if we use music or other resources.

7. VideoCV

For jobseekers this is a big opportunity. You can highlight above your competitors using videoCV. Youtube offers lot of choices to create a videoCV and make your unique.

And what about you… do you use Youtube in another way?

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