3 alternatives to qr codes

QR codes are an useful resource for brands to make easier for their audience to interact between different media. You can read an article I worte about its potencial to enhance our social media profiles (Spanish).

But to generate interaction between different media, QR codes are not the only choice brands can use. There are other kind of codes that can scanned with a mobile device. A good practice is rewarding the audience using from exclusive and quality content to promotions to get the product cheaper or special discounts…

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1. SnapTag codes.

SnapTag codes the same as QR codes, need and app to be scanned by a mobile device. In comparation with QR codes, SnapTag codes are round. This code is formed by a circle with some notchs, and it is possible to allow an image in its inside. This feature allows more creative odds for designers.

In the following infographic it is posibe to find a comparison between QR and SnapTag codes.

Image source:http://www.welovecom.net/snap-tag-una-gran-alternativa-a-los-codigos-qr

2. Touchcode codes.

Touchcode codes are another alternative to QR codes. Touchcode codes are invisible and they can store information that makes posible to the audience interact with. One of their biggest advantages of the Touchcode codes is that they can be introduced nearly in any packaging or even in the product itself.

As a disadvantage, it is neccessary to install their own app to scanned them.

3. Infinity View codes.

The same as Touchcode codes, Infinity View codes can be integrated in the packaging as a watermark. Once it is scanned, the user gets an alphanumeric code to get the content.

As the previous alternatives to QR codes, is neccessary to install its own app to scan it and get the content.

Infinity View

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