8 ways feed makes our life easier

One of the main reasons we suscribe to a website´s feed is for its content and to get its updates as soon as they are posted. Through these updates we are receiving a constant information flux that we can manage using a rss reader. There´s lot of rss readers we can choose with different features Read more about 8 ways feed makes our life easier[…]

Dealing with problems. Avast shows us to how to do it.

This morning, as me,  thousands of Avast Android users have waken up with the same Avast´s alert reporting that Whatsapp and other apps were infected by a trojan. Trying to find my information on Google about the message, android:FakeInst-EY[trj], it seems to be a dialer. But this was only the first impression, because the exact Read more about Dealing with problems. Avast shows us to how to do it.[…]

How Facebook influences our mental health

How Facebook influences our mental health

Social networks are tools that allow us to keep in touch with our friends, relatives…  share pictures, videos… increase our networking… but they have turned into a factor which influences our offline life. In the same way we post what happens to us on real life or our toughts, the content posted in social networks  Read more about How Facebook influences our mental health[…]

Tattoos and social media

Tattoos and social media have something in common, they are inside us, but in different ways. Some thousands years ago, the human being started to mark its skin with tattoos. Sometimes for beauty, sometimes for religions and sometimes for healing… we can find lot of testimonies about this in mummys and historical documents. In the Read more about Tattoos and social media[…]

No troll no party. 3 good reasons to take care of your trolls.

One of the symptoms of a mature community is the appearence of trolls. A troll, for those who are not too acquainted with Internet language, following the Wikipedia “is someone who posts inflammatory,extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers Read more about No troll no party. 3 good reasons to take care of your trolls.[…]

3 alternatives to qr codes

QR codes are an useful resource for brands to make easier for their audience to interact between different media. You can read an article I worte about its potencial to enhance our social media profiles (Spanish). But to generate interaction between different media, QR codes are not the only choice brands can use. There are Read more about 3 alternatives to qr codes[…]

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